Issues surrounding cannabis legalization and ending prohibition: Body and Soul Radio with Wendy Edge and Anne Armstrong

Please listen to this episode of Body and Soul Radio show on with Wendy Love Edge and Anne Armstrong.  About 45 minutes in length,  Wendy and Anne are interviewed about their choice to use cannabis legally in the states that they live in, and how it works for them. Anne also discusses some of the history of cannabis prohibition and issues surrounding legalization.  Enjoy! 9, 2014&episodeId=734&showId=2&showTitle=Body and Soul&episodetitle=Guests: Anne Armstrong and Wendy Love Edge



Alternative Health: All people should have all of the options

Today, I was in and around Fayetteville Arkansas, talking with people about taking back their health.  I am in a “no legal cannabis” zone, so I am never sure if people are pro cannabis, will get upset in talking about the issue, or even be truthful.  It makes me feel sad, that people are so uncomfortable talking about this very real health option.  I decided to switch gears a bit then, and talk about other options with them, and what health means to them. This is all very interesting as some people have heard of various treatment options, but never tried them.  They also have very different ideas about the meaning of “health”.

Through Bulldozer Health Inc., we want people to know about all of the alternatives available to them for their health.  There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the Affordable Care Act, and what that entitles people to get for the money that they are now required to spend. What you get, is access to primarily pills and surgery.  It also entitles you to medical testing.  The problem is, the foundation or the anchor,  is missing.   What I mean by that, is the basic elements of good health are not the focus.  And people do not have access to treatments that may actually heal their body, or teach their body to heal itself.   Lifestyle is only discussed if that is important to the particular physician you go to see.  It is not discussed as a matter of health,  or as a protocol to good health.   They have protocols about which medicines to give, but not about which foods to eat, how much exercise would help, or whether the person has been getting enough rest,  for example.

The way Western Medicine has formed, it is a symptom driven approach, with answers mainly in pills, injections, vaccines, tests and surgeries.  Rarely is it about the anchor.  For instance, when you go to a Western physician with stomach problems, do they review your diet in detail? Your sleep schedule? Your eating schedule?  If they do, do they have you make changes with that if necessary before they come at you with a bunch of tests and pharmaceutical medications?  These questions are important, but here are some more important questions.  If they went over these things with you, would you go home and implement changes and return in 3 weeks to discuss it? If this was suggested, would you be put off, wondering why they didn’t just fix it with a prescription?   If for instance, your physician could send you to have acupuncture but it might take 3 or 4 sessions,  would that be acceptable to you?   We must examine deeply, what we are willing to do to stay healthy.  In my opinion, we must stop relying on the physician to give a quick fix.  For many people, we have become a society of not only quick fixes for our health, but a “fix me” society as well. This is a victim mentality, not an empowered mentality.

Health, is really a state of balance.  When the balance is off we don’t feel well.  Alternative health modalities, seek to restore this balance using their chosen pathway. Not every alternative care treatment is for every one of course.   Through experience, I see that when people have the opportunity to try some different options, they typically find one that works best for them.  I also think that when working with people and inspiring them to take back their health, we must take into account their personal definition of health and help them set goals to improve it.

Health encompasses many things, and means different things to different people. So, to achieve health, it requires taking small steps in that direction.  By taking small steps, people see over time that their health improves. This gives them a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their own health.  It drives them forward in the positive direction.

Through Bulldozer Health Inc., we are setting up a network of alternative health providers across the country.  We are starting in a few cities, and working our way forward.  We want everyone to know, that there are like-minded practitioners out there interested in hearing their health goals and helping them to achieve them.  There are numerous options for health available.  The answer to finding health  is multi-faceted, and lies in your own willingness to keep an open mind, and reach for it.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge




End Cannabis Prohibition: Why can’t I have my prescribed medicine while in Arkansas?

I am getting ready to travel again.  I am not fond of flying, but I do it to get from point A to point B for a good reason. Also, because of my health problems, I am unable to sit in a car for the length of time it would take to get to Arkansas from Massachusetts.  So I keep in mind the good reasons I am traveling to stay positive and focused.   In this case, I want to spend time with family.  I also want to continue with my passion, Bulldozer Health Incorporated.  With the help of amazing volunteers, I want to reach every American, and show them how to take back their health!

Bulldozer Health Inc. has numerous events planned in Fayetteville from the end of October, through the month of November.  We have a health fair at the Fayetteville Senior and Wellness Center, healthy cooking classes at Ozark Natural Foods, meditation class at Evander  Publishing, and a Health Talk at the Fayetteville Public Library.  We will also continue to network with alternative care providers, as this is essential to have a network that people can connect with if they decide that “mainstream” medicine isn’t working for them.  We also have a new documentary to shoot.  Our Director of Media Services, Note Louis, will be coming to town mid-November to work on the documentary.  This is all very exciting!

My excitement is marred though, by something that is really hard for many people to believe.  The medicine, that has changed my life, Cannabis, is not legally available to me in Fayetteville.  Yes, this it true even though I have been examined by a doctor here in MA and told that cannabis would work for my numerous health problems. In fact, if I use it in Fayetteville, I am breaking the law.  As incredulous as this is, it is true.  I cannot legally travel on an airplane with my medicine due to Federal law.  I cannot obtain my medicine legally while in Arkansas.   In short, I must  go without it, or be a criminal.

Most people would not travel in this case.  I understand that thinking.  But when I started this project, I remembered a vow I made when I was very sick and living in Arkansas.  I said, “If I find a way to get better, I will come back here and work to improve this health care system”.  I am a woman of my word.  So, with my other herbal treatments in tow, I will go back to Arkansas again, and effect change through the Bulldozer Health Inc. project.  We have great volunteers who will help me.  I have family who will help me.  They will help to get me through my time there as my body declines in front of them.  Thankfully, the cannabis has healed some of my health problems.  But the fact is,  I am still working on taking back my health.  The cannabis is still working at healing many of my issues and it helps tremendously with inflammation, eye problems and pain.  It is a needed medicine for me.  Since it takes a while to leave the body, it will be a little while before the full effect of not having it is realized.  I am preparing myself for that.

Our health  system is incredibly flawed,  and we are still living with cannabis prohibition.  For things to truly be right, we have to work to lift this prohibition, so that everyone can have access to this medicine and grow it themselves if they want to.  Until then, we must stop treating patients as criminals, and at least legalize it across the country.  I am living proof that this medicine works.  And there are so many people like me.  The fact is,  we must all have access to all of the health alternatives available.  As it stands right now, we are all paying for mandatory health insurance, that mainly gives us access to pills and/or surgery.  This is not enough.  We must demand  more.    We must demand better. The pharmaceutical companies have owned all of us including our doctors and our government  for far too long.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge

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Podcast Episode #5 Nutrition with Guest Regina Doucimo from Natural Whole Body Nutrition

Please listen as Regina and Wendy Love Edge discuss how good nutrition is an essential remedy to good health. 17, 2014&episodeId=752&showId=50&showTitle=Bulldozer Health&episodetitle=Guest: Regina Doucimo



Take back your health America!

Wendy Love Edge




Rest: The Second Part of Bulldozer Remedy for Health #4

Bulldozer remedy for health #4 is exercise and rest.  Today I want to focus on the rest portion of this remedy.   Rest includes relaxation and sleep.  So more specifically, I  will focus on the sleep portion of rest.

When I decided to take back my health, I realized that my sleep had been a problem for a long time.  I was told at some point in my illness that I had severe sleep apnea, and they put me on a C-pap machine.  My sleep improved on the machine, but I still had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.  I wanted to fix these problems, as good rest is essential to health.  Once I had weaned off of the pharmaceutical drugs, began exercising, and losing weight, my rest pattern improved some.  Exercising on a regular basis naturally  improves rest and sleep at night.   Also, I was no longer waking up screaming in pain like I did on the pharmaceutical drugs.  I still needed the C-pap though, as without it I would wake myself up snoring or gasping for air.  I also still had trouble falling asleep. I didn’t want to take any sleep pharmaceuticals, as I did not feel that the benefit to taking them outweighed the risk.

I decided to investigate use of melatonin to help me fall asleep.  Melatonin is a natural hormone in the body, made by our body’s pineal gland. This gland is located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland is active in darkness and that is when melatonin is produced.  I read that as we  get older, the body often does not produce enough at night to help us fall asleep.   So it made sense to me that taking some might help me.  The fact that it naturally occurs in the body was attractive to me.  When I investigated what amount to use, I realized it is  considered an “dietary supplement”.  This means it is not regulated by the FDA,  and so they don’t really give a suggested dosage for one to take.  I started with 1 mg., and settled on 2.5 mgs., through trial and error.  I started taking  it about an hour and a half before bed.  This allowed me to drift off to sleep most of the time, an hour or two after I took it.  People have told me that they tried melatonin and it caused some nightmares.  I will say that when I tried going up to 3 mg, I did have some bad dreams, so I cut it back a little.  Everyone’s body is different, and this may or may not work for you.  You have to go through your own trial and error process if you choose to try melatonin.

In addition to the melatonin, I realized I had to make some other changes.  I realized that I had to set up my environment and prepare myself for sleep.  Even if I didn’t feel tired, I started setting the stage for sleep.  I would get all ready, shut the lights, and lie in bed trying to clear my mind.  I began to use meditations to bring my body and mind into a state of rest. Sometimes I would sit while doing this, sometimes I would lie on the bed and do it. If I chose to meditate sitting up, I would be sure to lie down immediately afterward to capitalize on the relaxed body and mind clearing.   These things helped significantly.  It kind of reminded me of when I was a child, and my mother would respond to my protests about going to bed like this, “Wendy, you need to rest.  If you can’t fall asleep, just lie there and let your body rest”.  It was good advice.  Sometimes it is a matter of retraining ourselves to better habits, like this one of getting enough rest.

The last component for me that really helped with sleep especially if I was in pain or anxious, is cannabis.  I used, and still use,  cannabis for pain and inflammation, and to treat the symptoms of anxiety and mild depression.  There are certain strains that carry the CBD’s to help with these things, and I keep them on hand especially for nights that I have pain or anxiety that wasn’t ameliorated by my usual cannabis and herbal usage.

It is vitally important to one’s health,  to obtain enough rest on a regular basis.   If you feel you are not obtaining adequate rest, do some investigating into what might work for you.  For me it is regular exercise, melatonin, meditation, and cannabis. I am still using the C-pap, but hope to participate in a new sleep study soon to see if I can come off of it.  It doesn’t seem like I need it anymore, but I want to be sure that is true.

There are many options out there to choose from to improve sleep.   They are worth investigating fully, especially before you consider pharmaceutical intervention.  Pharmaceutical interventions for sleep often come with numerous worrisome side effects.   If you choose to go this route despite the numerous other options available, please read all labels and ask your Doctor questions about side effects and drug interactions.  As always, we recommend that  pharmaceutical use should come with an analysis first as to whether the benefit to you outweighs the risk.

Take back your health America!


Wendy Love Edge

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Lesbians Bulldozed at the Hospital, Part Deux: Beliefs Bulldozing and More

wendy and Ang sick pic 2wendy and angela 2014 moveon When I wrote the blog post about bulldozing lesbians at the hospital, I had no idea how popular the post would be, or how it would incite so much conversation about the subject.  Many people said that they wanted more on the subject of being a married lesbian and being gravely ill.  So, after much thought, I decided it would be a good idea to deliver.

My wife and I were going through tremendous amounts of stress related to my illness.  This stress level became supercharged by the hospital and the doctors, as we began to realize the true level of discrimination within the health care system.  We were 2 people already in physical and psychological pain.   But it wasn’t just the hospital bulldozing us.   The people we knew bulldozed us also- with their own beliefs about gay marriage and God.   Sometimes they were extremely hurtful. I haven’t talked about that very much.   I also haven’t talked about my perception of my wife during this stressful time in our lives.  So, I thought that these would be topics to express.

I haven’t written about these things,  partly, because I have been absorbed by my own healing.  It has also taken all this time to digest, fully, the awful words that were spoken to us by friends and family.  Some of which, just left me hurt and in shock.  In my marriage,  I am  the self perceived “strong one’.   Somehow,  I felt that I had failed my wife.  Many  people may find this to be irrational.  I feel though, that  I am the one who is supposed to take care  of everything. But in the depths of my illness I couldn’t carry that burden.  These are a few samples of the emotions that I am trying to come to terms with.

So, even though I wrote about the  discrimination at the hospital first, it was just the icing on the cake really.   Truth is, we experienced discrimination in our own family and in the community we lived in, as well.  This was even more hurtful. But we were living in the bible belt, after all.   People said things to us like, “If Wendy was praying to the right God she wouldn’t be sick” and  “your marriage isn’t even recognized here.   No one would blame you if you left Wendy”.  Or my favorite, “Let me come and pray with you”.  I said okay, because my mother taught me to take prayers from anyone willing to give them.  The person came to pray. This was the prayer, ” Lord please take the demons out of this house and out of these two women”.  I was shocked and scared. Demons?  Wow.  I had never heard such a thing.   Is this really a prayer for healing?

These things just added to the stress and feeling that we were very alone in this.  So my perception of my wife at the time- and now- is the following.   She is one of the bravest and strongest people I know.  She is loyal, caring and thoughtful.  She stood by me at a time when many  would have run for their lives.  Alone, day after day, most of the time, she bathed me and dressed me.  She wiped my butt.  She did things that a wife shouldn’t have to do for their spouse especially at the age that we were.   She did these things out of love and respect for me,  and for our marriage. Yes even though we are separated I still feel the same way.  Love never fails.

When I think back on the comments people made, of which I have only mentioned a few, I am sure that they were not meant to be hurtful or discriminatory in any way.  These folks thought that they were helping, and were coming from their own frame of reference about the Universe, God and religion, gay marriage and so on.   But I am left to wonder how these negative comments made to a couple under so much stress would ever be perceived as helpful or healing? I am also left to wonder this.  If ours was  a heterosexual marriage, or if we had lived in an area where gay marriage was legal and accepted in any way, or even if we were in a place where we were not perceived as “sinners”, would people have said these things to us?

I challenge everyone to think about their beliefs.  When  you see someone else that is  sick or in need, step outside of those beliefs especially  if the person doesn’t share those same beliefs. What you think and feel about their life choices, has no bearing on helping them.  Live in love.  Give people in need your love, even if they don’t think like you. That is what they need.  Your love, understanding and support.  Not a list of your beliefs and why you think these terrible things are happening to them.   It isn’t an opportunity to “save” them.  That is bulldozing people.  That is kicking people when they are down and trying to persuade them to your belief system.  If they are sick, it is not healing.  Step outside of negative thoughts about their life (which really just amounts to sitting in judgment). Foster  them to be strong emotionally strong.  Foster them to take back their health.



Wendy Love Edge

Take back your health America!


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Medical Marijuana: Why we must be bold about it

There are over 400 natural compounds found in the marijuana plant, and of those, some are ONLY found in the marijuana plant.  These compounds are the one’s that heal us, and they are called cannabinoids.  The cannabinoids are numerous and they relieve the symptoms of many illnesses including inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, seizure disorders, anxiety, and eye problems, to name just a few.  They do this by attaching to receptors we already have in our brain. The major cannabinoids work best when combined with the minor compounds found in naturally occurring marijuana.  That is why the synthetic pharmaceutical, marinol, doesn’t work as well as the natural plant. Some of the major cannabinoids to be aware of are THC, CBD, and CBN.  There are two others as well, CBC and CBG.

This information, and much more detailed information about medical marijuana, and how and why it works can be found from many sources today.  Despite this, many people still hold on to the stigma attached to marijuana use and perpetuate that.  This is maddening to me, and that is why I have decided that I must be bold about my use of this medicine. I feel we all must be bold about it, if we are going to change the perceptions of marijuana use.

In MA,  I  am legal to carry it on my person, in my car and in my home.  I cannot smoke it while driving legally, but I wouldn’t do that anyway.  I will use it freely, because it works for me. It is my prescribed medication.  And  I will use it freely because I feel that I must be bold and show people that the face of a marijuana user has changed.  The face of a marijuana user is me, and many people like me.   A middle-aged woman with children and a college degree.  A woman who could live next door to you, in your very community.   I am your neighbor, and I am not a drug addict.  I am taking back my health, and this is a good option for someone like me with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.  It allows me to move my body, and work on becoming healthy instead of being bogged down by dangerous prescription drugs with all of their side effects.

It concerns me deeply that this option isn’t available to everyone.  After all, it is dangerous to even try to obtain it in states where is it is not legal, for a number of reasons.   One of those reasons, is that by obtaining it illegally, one has no idea what they are really getting.  In a legal state, one can insure what they are getting.  I know, for instance, that my caregiver grows in the best conditions possible.  Everything is organic, and there are no pesticides.  Even the water he uses is pure.  He labels what he gives me for THC, CBD and CBN levels.  I know exactly what I am getting.  He keeps track particularly of the THC and CBD levels that work best for me.  And he provides me with the strains that fit my profile and symptoms that we have determined through our caregiver relationship.  It is very personalized.

So especially if you are in a legal state and a medical marijuana user,  please be bold about the use of your medicine.   Talk about it openly with people and educate them.  This is the only way we are going to continue to move forward with this very important medication.  Let’s remove the stigma and continue to take our health into our own hands.

Take back your health America.


Wendy Love Edge


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