The Girls Hour with ARIBAND and Jorian Oxygen

Please listen to “The Girls Hour” Podcast. In this episode the girls interview Ari from ARIBAND and Jori Costello from Jorian Oxygen.  They also discuss the upcoming Take back your health America benefit concert in Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1st 2016.



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The Bulldozer Health Show Episode 17: A conversation about art&health w/Jori Costello

Here is the next episode of our podcast, The Bulldozer Health Show, Episode 17.

In this episode I had the pleasure of sharing ideas with The Great Jori Costello about how art and music impact health.

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Twitter: @jorianoxygen @joricostello

Jori Costello has been a dear friend of mine for many years.  She is also an incredibly gifted artist and musician, and a contributing volunteer on many levels including her part on the media team at Bulldozer Health Inc.  I remember once during the time I was withdrawing from the very heavy duty pills and injections,  I texted her about the pink ponies I was seeing in my room. She was so compassionate, kind and understanding.  And well, in the scheme of things, pink ponies really aren’t so bad.
Love you Jori. Follow her. Listen to her music. Watch her one womyn play. She is amazing and not to be missed!


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The Bulldozer Health Show Episode 14: Ben Speaks

Please listen to Episode 14 of The Bulldozer Health Show.
Wendy Love Edge interviews Judy Giavangelo Executive Director of Ben Speaks Louder Than Words.

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Positive Steps to Managing Personal Change

In the midst of personal change, fear can often erupt. Worry then ensues. These two things, fear and worry serve no positive purpose in managing change. Well really, they serve no positive purpose in any part of our lives.

So how does one limit the fear and worry when change is happening and an inevitable part of life?
The mind is the most important piece of the puzzle to maintaining rationality and making decisions that will achieve a positive change. When you have your mind right and are staying positive and rational, you can do anything! Your mind tells you what needs to be done. Listen to it, but only with a rational tone. If it starts running away with itself it’s time to rope it in and bring it into balance. Fear and love are inversely proportional. So reduce the fear about the change by showing yourself love and kindness. You could do any or all of the following: Take some time to exercise, go for a walk, ride your bike, walk your dog, or practice deep breathing, Make sure you are nourishing your body, and are eating for health. Try some simple meditation. Remind yourself that you have a 100% track record for getting through other changes in your life. If you can, write some positive affirmations on pieces of paper and put them around your house where you can see them. These things will keep your mind positive and rational.

Once you feel you have decreased the fear and worry sufficiently, then ask yourself, “what do I need to accomplish to get through this change?” This is the action that is necessary to make the change. So answer your question! Start a list of these things with everything you can think of. Even if the list is starting to get long, don’t allow that to increase your fear and worry again. This is a list of things you will do over time. You may want to put time frames on each item if that will help you to sort out the time you need to get through the change you are making. You are in the drivers seat of this change. You are not a victim, and it is not driving you!

The fact is, this change might just help you onto the path that you really want. Check in with yourself about that, and about what you heart is wanting, what your higher self is needing, what your true self feels about the change that you are making. It is a good idea to journal these thoughts to help you sort them out. If journaling doesn’t work for you, then sit quietly and sort out what you feel about the change with regard to your life path, your heart and your higher self. By taking the time to feed the heart and soul, and listen to it, you will find that your head will continue to decrease in fear and worry.

As I said at the start, change in life is inevitable. We can only control our reaction to it, and how we manage it. When we do this, we are caring for and loving ourselves. This is an essential element of good health and well-being.
Take back your health America!

Wendy Love Edge

Here’s a grounding meditation by Wendy Love Edge to assist you in managing change

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Let’s replace the pharmaceutical ads with this!

Take back your health America!

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The Power of The Placebo Effect

wnedy alone, angela version

I have some dear ones, A and Z, and they have been talking about “the placebo effect” for some time now. I brushed it off, even sometimes feeling annoyed with their comments about it. After all, I have worked hard to choose a healthy lifestyle and make natural healing choices for the numerous autoimmune issues that they tell me I have. If my choices are simply a result of “the placebo effect”, then what is turning out to be my life’s work through Bulldozer Health Inc. could just be all in my head. These thoughts and upset, however, are just a result of an emotional response to their inquiries and comments. I needed a more intelligent and intellectual response. So I decided to research the topic. This way, I could understand better what they were talking about, and give an informed response. There is so much information on the topic, and it is actually quite interesting! I think the best article I read though, was about the work of Ted J. Kaptchuk. Here is an excerpt from his biography: “Ted J. Kaptchuk is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Harvard-wide Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter (PiPS) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.” The article was in Harvard Magazine’s March-April edition, by Cara Feinberg. I find Professor Kaptchuk’s work to carry much weight as he has ample education and experience in many healing traditions and then turned to research on the placebo effect.

After pouring through the article and some of this work, I actually became fascinated with the topic. He wasn’t just doing pharmaceutical pill studies giving one patient the drug and one patient the placebo, he was looking at giving acupuncture with needles that didn’t enter the skin and pills with no medicine in them only, and comparing that! Many of the patients in that study reported back exactly the symptoms they were told they might experience. Further, those that fakely received acupuncture reported more relief than those that received fake pills. So something about the interaction of the acupuncture provider with the patient probably increased their thought that it was providing more relief than just being handed pills. This I found to be a really compelling idea.

I began to think about how this might apply in my health journey. After all, the attention to my health alone, the feeling of empowerment I began to experience when I took my health into my own hands, had improved my outlook and well being. I also realized that as I have gone through this journey, I receive more praise and attention for the choices I am making now. When I was doing mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical pills, people mostly felt sorry for me. I could feel it. So positive reinforcement and psychological effects of making a positive change cannot be discounted. So is the improved health I am experiencing simply the result of the placebo effect?

How exactly is the placebo effect defined? Here is one definition: “A beneficial effect, produced by a placebo drug or treatment, that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment.”

Okay, well, it is true that I believe in the treatment I am using now for my health. But when the doctors told me I was going to die and I needed to take the medicine they were giving me (which they said might also kill me), I believed that too. I did everything they said because I wanted to live. And I lived. I survived really, more accurately. Two years later I was still surviving, my family torn apart and I was stilt unable to do many things. The belief in what they were giving me for treatment was strong enough to keep me on it for two years, but not strong enough to really improve my health. I had to change my mind and decide I could get healthier. Once I did that, lots of other options opened up for me.

I am going to say this. The psychological effects of believing in a health treatment are very powerful. They can be life affirming even. I cannot completely eliminate the placebo effect as a positive influence in my journey of health recovery. After all, even “fake” treatment can cause physiological effects. That said, for me the effects of the herbs, medicinal cannabis, exercise, nutrition, adequate rest, and reduced dependency on pharmaceutical drugs all work together with this placebo effect,to improve my health. I am okay with that. Our minds are extremely powerful, and we can use them to create a positive healthy outlook, or the opposite. As I always say, change your mind and you change your life.

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health!

Change your mind: Find your path this year!

It’s a new year, and there are many opportunities to make the life that you want. You can realize what your true path is!
Society attempts to mold us all into a box with labels and all, so that other people can feel comfortable. People feel comfortable in a family, for instance, when they see that others are “like them”. This is flawed thinking though. It is flawed because even if we grow up in the same family, we are still all individuals. We are all a product of our genetics, background, family, intelligence, experiences and more. So even in the same family, every single one of us is different. Thanks goodness! Because doesn’t life become richer, when we meet and know all different kinds of people? For me, it is especially those people outside “the box” who teach me new things and challenge me. It seems to be, that outside of that box is where all the action is. Where all the discoveries are made.
Now I am not knocking those who enjoy life “inside the box”. If that is what you truly want, and is your true path, then that is where you’ll be most happy. But how do you know where you will be most happy? Many people don’t take the time to figure that out, they seem to just follow where other family members and friends are going. We are after all herd animals. But if you really want to figure it out for yourself, here are some exercises you can do to help you along. This may just be your year to find the life that you want.
The first step in finding your true path in life, is being honest with yourself about who you are. You need to figure out who your authentic self is. You are not here to please anyone but yourself. Your life, is just that, YOUR life. To do this, take a few moments and sit with yourself quietly, but have a pen and paper handy. Ask yourself to list off words that describe you. Be honest. No one is watching or listening. The first time you do it, if you are not someone who has thought deeply about this before, you may only come up with a word or two. Don’t be discouraged. Try again the next day and so on, until you have a healthy list of both positive and negative words that describe who you are. Reflect on your list.
The next step is to ask yourself what kind of life you want to have. Now we are all shown in the media what kind of life we are “supposed” to have. Just think about the Disney movies where princesses are searching for Prince Charming to give them happiness. Or the commercials that are on the television and radio. Or if you belong to a church or a temple, what doctrine is being presented to you about the life you “should” live. Now I am not saying that there isn’t good somewhere contained in all of that. That said though, as I mentioned earlier, every single person is a different individual. How could everyone want the exact same life? These lives that are presented to us from the time we are children may not be the lives we really want. And that is Okay! So this time, as you sit with yourself, think about the life you would want to live, and have a pen and paper handy again. Here are some questions you can ponder: Would you be in a relationship? Is marriage on your radar? Do you want children? Do you like to travel? Do you like a predictable pattern such as a 9-5 job, or do you prefer to work all night? All of these things are important to realizing what your path is. And only you know the answers to these questions. You can’t be your authentic self if you put yourself in a marriage with children working 9-5 everyday, if you prefer to have numerous love interests, a free schedule and work for a few months like crazy and then have a few months off. And if you can’t be your authentic self, how can you possibly realize what your path is?
Once you have completed these two exercises, you are well on your way to figuring out what your path in life is. You are on your way to understanding who you are, and the kind of life you want to live.
The third exercise then, is to sit with yourself one more time, with a paper and pen handy. This time, consider all of the things that you enjoy doing, and the things that you are good at. Continue with this daily, until you have a healthy list of these items. You may also want to list any jobs that you have had that really stimulated you. Or jobs that you have seen, but not done, that inspire you. Nothing is off-limits. Also list environments where you felt at your best. Don’t leave anything out even if it seems silly.
Now that you are starting to figure out who you are, what kind of life you want, what you are good at and what you enjoy… you are well on your way to figuring out what your true path is. Now it might be time to take some risks. People who have the life that they really want, typically have had to take some risks to get there and you are no exception!
This life is short, and we should all not only have the life we were meant to live regardless of circumstances that may have occurred, but we are meant to be happy! Every day is new, and now we are also in a new year. Take advantage of it, and make your life your own.

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health America!

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