Change your mind: Find your path this year!

It’s a new year, and there are many opportunities to make the life that you want. You can realize what your true path is!
Society attempts to mold us all into a box with labels and all, so that other people can feel comfortable. People feel comfortable in a family, for instance, when they see that others are “like them”. This is flawed thinking though. It is flawed because even if we grow up in the same family, we are still all individuals. We are all a product of our genetics, background, family, intelligence, experiences and more. So even in the same family, every single one of us is different. Thanks goodness! Because doesn’t life become richer, when we meet and know all different kinds of people? For me, it is especially those people outside “the box” who teach me new things and challenge me. It seems to be, that outside of that box is where all the action is. Where all the discoveries are made.
Now I am not knocking those who enjoy life “inside the box”. If that is what you truly want, and is your true path, then that is where you’ll be most happy. But how do you know where you will be most happy? Many people don’t take the time to figure that out, they seem to just follow where other family members and friends are going. We are after all herd animals. But if you really want to figure it out for yourself, here are some exercises you can do to help you along. This may just be your year to find the life that you want.
The first step in finding your true path in life, is being honest with yourself about who you are. You need to figure out who your authentic self is. You are not here to please anyone but yourself. Your life, is just that, YOUR life. To do this, take a few moments and sit with yourself quietly, but have a pen and paper handy. Ask yourself to list off words that describe you. Be honest. No one is watching or listening. The first time you do it, if you are not someone who has thought deeply about this before, you may only come up with a word or two. Don’t be discouraged. Try again the next day and so on, until you have a healthy list of both positive and negative words that describe who you are. Reflect on your list.
The next step is to ask yourself what kind of life you want to have. Now we are all shown in the media what kind of life we are “supposed” to have. Just think about the Disney movies where princesses are searching for Prince Charming to give them happiness. Or the commercials that are on the television and radio. Or if you belong to a church or a temple, what doctrine is being presented to you about the life you “should” live. Now I am not saying that there isn’t good somewhere contained in all of that. That said though, as I mentioned earlier, every single person is a different individual. How could everyone want the exact same life? These lives that are presented to us from the time we are children may not be the lives we really want. And that is Okay! So this time, as you sit with yourself, think about the life you would want to live, and have a pen and paper handy again. Here are some questions you can ponder: Would you be in a relationship? Is marriage on your radar? Do you want children? Do you like to travel? Do you like a predictable pattern such as a 9-5 job, or do you prefer to work all night? All of these things are important to realizing what your path is. And only you know the answers to these questions. You can’t be your authentic self if you put yourself in a marriage with children working 9-5 everyday, if you prefer to have numerous love interests, a free schedule and work for a few months like crazy and then have a few months off. And if you can’t be your authentic self, how can you possibly realize what your path is?
Once you have completed these two exercises, you are well on your way to figuring out what your path in life is. You are on your way to understanding who you are, and the kind of life you want to live.
The third exercise then, is to sit with yourself one more time, with a paper and pen handy. This time, consider all of the things that you enjoy doing, and the things that you are good at. Continue with this daily, until you have a healthy list of these items. You may also want to list any jobs that you have had that really stimulated you. Or jobs that you have seen, but not done, that inspire you. Nothing is off-limits. Also list environments where you felt at your best. Don’t leave anything out even if it seems silly.
Now that you are starting to figure out who you are, what kind of life you want, what you are good at and what you enjoy… you are well on your way to figuring out what your true path is. Now it might be time to take some risks. People who have the life that they really want, typically have had to take some risks to get there and you are no exception!
This life is short, and we should all not only have the life we were meant to live regardless of circumstances that may have occurred, but we are meant to be happy! Every day is new, and now we are also in a new year. Take advantage of it, and make your life your own.

Wendy Love Edge
Take back your health America!

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Bulldozer Health Show Episode 7: Exercise and Motivation for Exercise

In this episode, Wendy Love Edge discusses exercise and motivation for exercise If you are having trouble keeping your body moving, this will help.

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Bulldozer Health Show: Episode #6

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With Guest: Allee Anabal Walker an Eden Energy Practitioner and Registered Nurse

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Exercise: Keep that body moving!

Bulldozer remedy for health #4 includes exercise, rest and leisure activities.  This post will focus on the exercise part of that.

Many people who I meet feel afraid to start an exercise routine if they have been in pain or haven’t exercised in a long time.  I think that the key here is to first reduce one’s fear about it. Love your body as it is, and accept that you can make positive changes to continue to love your body.   I know that is easier said than done, however, that love for your body  reduces the fear of moving it and making changes.   I had to begin by telling myself positive statements like this:

1.  I want  to move through the world a little bit easier. If I stretch and exercise, it will become easier to do this.

2.  If I start small, breaking exercise into tiny components of movement, I know I can do this.

3.  Every day, I will add a little bit more movement to my routine, and before long I will be moving easier and have more energy.

4.  My body is beautiful as it is.  Exercise will make it feel inside,  as good as it looks on the outside, or even better.

I am a big proponent of positive affirmations.  I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t.  In the beginning of starting to exercise after being ill for so long, it took every ounce of energy I had, just to march in place for 3 minutes, or get my things together for someone to take me to the pool.  I pressed forward.  Before long, the exercise didn’t exhaust me any longer, and my body hurt less from stretching and strengthening the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Now, my body needs exercise.  It is like medicine to me.  If I am hurting, going to the gym helps to turn it around. Sometimes that is from the rush of endorphins that I get,  and sometimes it is simply  from the act of moving my body, and sometimes it is both.  It isn’t necessary to do it at a gym, but I enjoy that.  If you don’t have access to the gym or don’t like that environment, just move your body while watching TV or listening to the radio.  March in place, or lift your arms up and down.  Look up some stretches online and add those into your routine.  Use soup cans to lift to strengthen your arms.  If the weather is nice, head outside for a walk or a bike ride.  You’ll be surprised what you can do.  I surprise myself all the time!

When I was very ill, many doctors told me that exercise wouldn’t help me.  I believed them, just like I believed a lot of other things that they told me.  They were very wrong.  Even though I have daily pain that I deal with and a number of autoimmune diseases, exercise has become an essential part of taking back my health.  It improves my mood and my general well-being.  Remember, no matter what level you are at today, you can make positive changes through keeping your body moving.  Show your body some love, and start today!


Wendy Love Edge








Choosing a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Life is all about choices, and when we make positive healthy choices for ourselves, we are really choosing a positive and healthy life.  I am going to discuss three basic elements that you can look at today to help make a healthy lifestyle for yourself. They are good nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking.

With regard to good nutrition, there is a lot of literature out there about what food is healthy and what isn’t.  This can be very confusing to someone who is trying to change their eating habits.  I usually suggest to people to think of it simply.  Buy fresh organic vegetables, spices, herbs and fruits.  Choose items that are not processed.   When we do this and cook at home, we really can’t go wrong.  Then we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies.  And it tastes so much better!   Processed convenience products may be attractive at the outset because they are quick to prepare, but they are not a healthy choice for a long healthy life.  Read labels.   Watch for chemicals, dyes and added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  These are things that you definitely do not need in your diet.  With everything I know, I was tempted to buy a jar of pre-made pesto the last time I went shopping.  Then I read the label. Sure, there were pine nuts, basil and olive oil.  Then there were several preservative chemicals that I couldn’t pronounce.  I quickly put it back on the shelf.  I could buy the ingredients to make my own pesto for a little more money, but  make three times the amount!

Additionally, if you are trying to lose some extra weight that you have built up in your body, it can be very confusing how to approach that in the safest and most nutritionally balanced way.  There are many programs out there, and it may seem  too difficult sometimes to even think about getting started.  Here is a health tip from Jay Morris Sprigs about that very subject:



Exercise is also a big factor in creating a healthy lifestyle.  Many times, we feel that we can’t possibly fit exercise into our lives, and we just don’t have enough energy to do it.  The truth is, if we fit it into our lives it would increase our energy level and make us feel stronger and more capable over the long-term.    It’s great to attend a gym especially if we have friends attending the gym and we can make it a social event.   But that isn’t always possible due to time crunches and financial issues.  And sometimes someone may just feel the gym isn’t for them.  So here is a health tip from Andrea Sumers about increasing your activity level without having to attend a gym:


The last healthy life style topic I want to discuss here, is  positive thinking.   Life is busy and often difficult today.  We get caught up in the worries of life, and forget a most basic element to a happy life.  Happy and positive thoughts.  Take a few moments every day, and think about what your mind is creating.  The thoughts we put into ourselves and outward into the Universe have an impact on the outcome of our lives.   A mantra that we create ourselves can help us to create the life we want.  Here is a sound clip on how to create a mantra:

Please consider your life style choices today, and what they are creating for you.   It is never too late to start creating the lifestyle that will bring you health, wellness,  and happiness.  Your happiness is in your own mind and choices.  The  creation of your life, for better or for worse, is  in your own two hands.


Wendy Love Edge

Take back your health America





BulldozerRemedy for Health #1: Change your Mind

Changing your mind  to the positive is a key aspect in taking back your health.  I remember very clearly when I changed my mind.  I had just become separated from my wife. She told me when she was leaving, that I would find my strength and my power if she left. I didn’t believe one word of it.  It made me sad and angry actually.  For a time, I sat with that sadness and anger.  Nothing changed.  Being sad and angry and remaining on all of my pharmaceutical medications certainly wasn’t going to change my life for the better.  But I couldn’t see that.  Then one day, I was thinking  about the victim that I had become.  A victim of the medical system, of the diseases that I had, of the failing economy, of the 16 pharmaceutical medications that I was on, and of the pharmaceutical companies themselves.  I decided I didn’t want to be a victim anymore.  To do this, I realized that I had to change my mind.  Once I started to change my mind, I could see everything with more clarity.

Next,  I  began to change my language.  I realized that I was owning the diseases that I had by saying things like “my” dermatomyositis or “my” psoriatic arthritis, “my” diabetes, or  “my” myasthenia gravis.  So instead, I said, “I have 4 autoimmune diseases, but they don’t have me”. Or I said, “I am healthy and whole”.  I not only said these things, but I believed them.  I couldn’t just have faith that I would change my mind, it was key to believe it, and to know that it was happening.  And to never waiver on that.

To empower myself further,  I read everything I could on the diseases I had and the medications that I was on.  I then began to investigate what alternative treatments might help me.  I had read all about the diseases before, but this time it was through the eyes of someone who was going to be  victorious over them, find alternatives that worked, and teach my body to heal itself.  The body knows how to heal itself, but it can only do so under the right conditions.

There was one more belief system I had to conquer.  You see, the doctors had told me that I was going to die repeatedly.  I believed them.  It was like they, in their white coats with their diplomas on the wall, had some inside information from my maker, and only they had the key to unlock my ability to remain alive.  Our beliefs are very powerful.  So in changing my mind, I had to change my beliefs.  Or more accurately, I had to stop believing what the doctors were telling me.  I am a trained medical professional, a spiritual healer, and a very intelligent  woman.  But all that went out the window the minute they told me that I was going to die from the disease that made me gravely ill or the medicine that they believed they had to give me to treat it with.  I had already been a survivor in my life.  With this illness, I had to  realize that I already had survived it too.  Once I did, I was determined to find a way to live well, not just be a survivor.

Our mind is a powerful thing. We are a product of our genetics, intelligence, family, experiences, beliefs and more.  That said, we can change our mind at any time to the more positive. In doing so, we find our truth and change our lives for the better.

Change your mind, change your life. You’re  victorious, beautiful life is in your own hands.


Wendy Love Edge

Take back your health America!